Oli,16 Years Old from Dorset U.K. Male, Photographer. Fan of Japanese cars, Drawing, Metalcore/Metal/Hardcore/Rock e.t.c. Music.
Not a blog about anything in particular, just posting stuff I like.
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Auto Modellista. All cars in the PAL version.

As promised, here’s a tumblr friendly version.

I want a Toyota sports….

Still one of my favorite all time games


wait eagerly. because tonight I’m another man’s brand new queen
why should I wait for love, if it comes as fast as he did?
he said, ‘wait. she’s with me. so send that other man walking with his two left feet’
now I hate my love, and now the other man’s floating in the dead man’s sea
and he’s floating face down because he’s a dead man, see?

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